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About system

We thank you for your interest in our product and offer to familiarize yourself with the system's capabilities.

ScudCRM is a universal business process automation system that can be configured or adapted to any work and data processing algorithms.

We currently have implementations for:

  • Contact-Centers
  • Assists
  • Evaluators
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Retail

Basic list of system capabilities

  • The system can be used as Back-end and Front-end applications
  • Adapted to all devices
  • Ability to translate the system into any language
  • Accounting of users
  • Accounting of counterparties and companies
  • Unlimited number of user groups
  • Wide and flexible options for configuring user access rights
  • Fixation of all user actions in the system. System log of all operations.
  • Accounting of user activity in the system
  • Integration with SMS providers
  • SMS Message Templates
  • The function of sending electronic messages from the system
  • According to all sent messages from the system
  • Visualization of user status in the system
  • Ability to customize any reports and graphs
  • The possibility of integration with an unlimited number of sites
  • Ability to integrate with external applications that have an API
  • Availability of own API for the possibility of integration with external programs
  • Ability to set any reminders/alerts
  • Data export function in *.xls, *.doc, *.pdf
  • Data import function from *.xls, *.csv
  • Print Function
  • Data search and filter function
  • Internal system for setting Tasks
  • QR Code Generator
  • Uploading and saving files/documents to any record in the system
  • Own file server pool for secure file storage
  • Public file uploader with the ability to restrict access
  • Mobile camera support
  • File and document sharing system
  • Personal Notes Section
  • Calendar Section
  • Family Own Address Book
  • Integrated Softphone
  • Section of sending SMS messages
  • Separation of video calls using WebRTC technology
  • Video conferencing on your own server equipment
  • Your own Jabber server and built-in client
  • Integration with map system


  • Connecting to the system exclusively using an SSL connection
  • User authorization by login and password
  • Automatic password generation
  • Automatically change passwords after a certain period of time
  • Password retry limit
  • Emergency password change function for all users
  • No storage of user passwords in the system
  • Ability to restrict access by IP address
  • Duplication of all data and hardware
  • Daily backups of all data


  • Integration with the Asterisk PBX telephony system. (To ensure reliability and stability of work, a separate telephony server is allocated to each client)
  • Record all conversations
  • Fix all calls
  • Visualization of the work of Contact Center operators or company employees
  • The possibility of configuring any call processing algorithms
  • IVR of any complexity
  • Visualization of necessary actions of the operator depending on the priority of the call
  • Visualization of all information when receiving an incoming call
  • Click2Call function and the ability to make and receive calls to/from the system
  • CallBack Function
  • Blacklist function. Blocking unwanted numbers
  • Unlimited external and internal lines
  • Teleconferences
  • Ability to configure automatic outgoing calls
  • Statistics and graphs on calls, lines, load on the Contact Center, calculation of work efficiency and others


  • Complete history and constant update of NBU and ECB exchange rates
  • Approximately 200 channels for receiving and storing news
  • Built-in Internet Radio section with a list of more than 60K channels

Each implementation or configuration has its own settings and additional capabilities that are specific to a certain type of company activity. Therefore, it is almost impossible to describe all the capabilities of all configurations.

For more detailed information, contact us by any means of communication convenient for you.


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