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Recommendations and reviews from our customers and partners

We are very grateful to all our customers and partners for their positive feedback and are happy to publish it on our website

We value each of our clients and partners and strive to build long-term and reliable relationships between us,

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All about boxing and for boxing

ARENA LLC - the largest information resource about boxing and a trading network of sports goods

We have had the pleasure of working with ScudCRM developer Oleg Movlianov since 2014, that is, for more than 9 years, which speaks for itself.
We started with Mr. Oleg developing a product based on ScudCRM for our needs, which was done and implemented.
We have been using the developed software all this time, of course, with improvements and constant improvement with the support and technical support of Mr. Oleg.
Thanks to this product, efficiency, transparency, speed and quality of work have reached the desired level for us.
As a company director, I cannot imagine our work without this basic program for accounting and organizing work processes.
We are grateful to Mr. Oleg for a wonderful development, the meaning of which is difficult for our business overestimate in general, and his work in particular!

Director of Arena LLC Vitko I.L.


Leading expert company of Ukraine

FAVORIT-ASSISTANCE LLC is a full range of assessment services throughout the territory of Ukraine. An independent and objective assessment of any damage of any complexity.

FAVORIT-ASSISTANCE LLC cooperates with the FOP Movlianov O.M. since 2017, which provides us with the ScudCRM 4.0 platform and support.
He is a reliable and responsible partner who fulfills his obligations with high quality and speed.
The platform is convenient, easy to use, thanks to which it is possible to manage a large amount of information. Optimizes and controls the work process.
FAVORIT ASSISTANCE LLC recommends FOP Movlianov O.M. as a promising and reliable partner capable of providing highly qualified services using the ScudCRM 4.0 platform.

Director of FAVORIT-ASSISTANCE LLC Garmidarova Y.P


Leading expert company of Ukraine

SZU UKRAINE LLC is a full range of assessment services throughout the territory of Ukraine. Independent and objective assessment of any damage of any complexity.

Company SZU Ukraine LLC and FOP Movlianov O.M. have been cooperating since 2019.
The goal of the cooperation was the introduction of the ScudCRM electronic system to ensure full process control and automate interaction with all our partners.
During the cooperation, many projects were implemented, which are fully supported by the ScudCRM electronic system.
Thanks to the professional and responsible work of Oleg Mykolayovych Movlianov, we have stable and reliable support in any projects.
The company is constantly moving forward, building and implementing plans that are fundamentally based on the ScudCRM electronic system.
The ScudCRM system provides full control and accounting of all our data and provides electronic interaction with all academics and partners.
We are satisfied with our cooperation and are ready to recommend everyone who is looking for an optimal and reliable solution for accounting and control of their business processes to turn their attention to the ScudCRM system.

Technical director of SZU Ukraine LLC Rybchuk A.V.


Leading expert company of Ukraine

BVN EV GROUP LLC is a full range of assessment services throughout the territory of Ukraine. Independent and objective assessment of any damage of any complexity.

Company BVN EV GROUP LLC cooperates with FOP Movyalnov O.M. since 2019.
Our cooperation began with the implementation of the ScudCRM system in our company.
Difficulties arise during any implementation of electronic systems, but all difficulties were overcome and resolved in the shortest possible time and without complications.
I would like to note the skills of O.M. Movlianov solve any issues regardless of their complexity.
We should also note the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of the ScudCRM system. We gained positive experience and ensured control of all our key business processes.
At the moment, the ScudCRM system is the basis of our activity and ensures transparency and systematic accounting and control of all internal business processes. The system ensures reliable and transparent interaction with all our customers and contractors.
For the entire period of cooperation and despite all the difficulties that our companies have gone through, we are confident in the stability and reliability of our partner.
Without hesitation, we can recommend the company FOP Movlianov O.M. for cooperation and the ScudCRM system for use, as well as directly thank O.M. Movlianov for fruitful and long-term cooperation.

Director of BVN EV GROUP LLC Beregovoy V.M.


Leading service company of Ukraine

EDAC LLC is a full range of service and technical services. The highest standards of quality and customer service. This is a guarantee of your safety on the road.

EDAK LLC cooperates with FOP Movlianov O.M. since 2020 and has been successfully using the ScudCRM Electronic System product provided by him. During the entire period of cooperation, the system has been improved to the highest level, which allows you to perform extremely complex tasks in accounting, control, analytics and data storage.
The ScudCRM electronic system is a sufficiently flexible product that can be quickly customized to the customer's processes and is one of the most optimal systems in our business.
FOP Movlianov O.M. provides the best system support, so we can confidently recommend it to other market participants.

Director of EDAC LLC Yarovy D.


The leading symphony orchestra of Ukraine

With this letter, we would like to acknowledge the fruitful work of Oleg Movlianov as the head of the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra's IT department.
Oleg Movlianov has been the head of the IT department since June 1, 2020.
Under his leadership, the website of the orchestra was developed and implemented - and its functioning was ensured.
Thanks to Oleg's work, corporate e-mail was also implemented and stable operation of all our digital systems.
I would like to note such fundamental features as his professionalism and competence industry knowledge, creativity, dedication, focus, reliability, communication and punctuality.
In his work, Oleg uses the latest technologies and applies them in orchestra projects.
He is constantly developing, undergoing training to master new IT tools and practices.
We evaluate his professional and managerial skills at a very high level, which enables him to get a similar position in any other institution, team or company.
For additional information, please contact the head of the orchestra Oleksandr Zaitsev at the e-mail address:

Director of orchestra Oleksandr Zaitsev

KNP CPMSD #2 Svyatoshynsky district, Kyiv

Medical institution that provides affordable and high-quality specialized medical care

The communal non-profit enterprise 'Center of primary medical and sanitary care No. 2' of the Svyatoshyn district of Kyiv recommends the ScudCRM customer interaction management system and the company that provides this product in the form of FOP Movlyanov O.M.
We have successfully cooperated with ScudCRM since 2021, and this system has become an integral part of our operations in terms of maintaining a call center system for patient consultations.
ScudCRM has helped our company significantly improve work efficiency and customer interaction. ScudCRM is a highly effective tool that allows you to manage a large amount of data and provides a high level of protection and confidentiality of information.
We recognize ScudCRM as the best tool for storing and processing important customer data, and we are confident that it will become an active support for any business.

Director of KNP CPMSD #2 Petruchenko N.
KNP CPMSD #2 Svyatoshynsky district, Kyiv

KNP KDC Svyatoshynsky district, Kyiv

Medical institution that provides affordable and high-quality specialized medical care

KNP KDC Sviatoshyn district of Kyiv, represented by Karameleva N.O. would like to express his gratitude to the company FOP Movlianov O.M. for long and fruitful cooperation.
From 2022, we decided to use the ScudCRM system to support the operation of our Contact Center.
The ScudCRM system provided us with the reception, accounting and processing of all calls from our patients.
Previously, we received a large number of complaints from patients about the inability to call and make an appointment with a doctor.
Thanks to the implementation of the ScudCRM system, we solved all these issues and ensured the decent operation of our Contact Center and were able to ensure 99% efficiency of patient calls.
Our sincere recommendations for using the ScudCRM system as an optimal solution in terms of price-quality ratio.
And special thanks and recommendations for cooperation with Movlianov O.M., as a reliable and responsible partner.

Director of KNP KDC Karameleva N.O.
KNP KDC Svyatoshynsky district, Kyiv


This collaboration will forever remain in our memory

From 2021 and until 2022, IN24 LLC cooperated with FOP Movlianov O.M. and provided semi-services to the Contact-Center to its customers.
Unfortunately, the company has completed its contact center activities, but we have the opportunity to express our gratitude to our partner Movlianov O.M., who was with us all this time and provided us with support in a dignified and professional manner.
To ensure our activities, we implemented the ScudCRM system with modules for the Contact-Center and implemented the exchange of all data with our customers and partners.
We received a unique system configuration that provided full control and data exchange.
We have the desire to recommend the ScudCRM system to all interested parties as stable, reliable and very promising system with very high quality support and attitude to customers.

Regards, Lytvyn Dmytro


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