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ScudCRM Partners Affiliate Program

By becoming our partner, you have the opportunity to receive from 5% to 50% bonuses from the payments of your customers.

This program allows you to earn additional passive income as long as your client cooperates with us.

You can simply recommend our products or actively participate in the development and implementation of final configurations.

Depending on the activity of your participation, your reward will depend.

How it works

  1. Registering on the site as a partner
  2. Indicate your details for depositing funds
  3. You provide us with information about your client, contact details of the responsible person
  4. We are working with the client and partner to implement the system
  5. In your personal account you will get access to your rewards and their status**

Who can be a partner

  • Any natural person, unless he is an employee of the client company by contract
  • Any company, unless it is a client company by contract

Terms of cooperation


The partner assumes the obligation of finding clients.

Max Reward30%
Amount of active clients1 - 10 11+
Reward in the first year25%30%
Second Year Reward15%20%
Remuneration for the third year and all subsequent years5%10%
Searching for customersYes
Participation in development and implementationNo
Need to have a letter of appointment from the clientNo


The partner undertakes to find clients, interact with the client, develop and prepare the technical task, train the client's staff, and provide further support to the client. All communication with the client takes place through the Partner-Integrator.

Max Reward50%
Amount of active clients1 - 20 21+
Reward in the first year30%50%
Second Year Reward20%30%
Remuneration for the third year and all subsequent years10%20%
Searching for customersYes
Participation in development and implementationYes
Need to have a letter of appointment from the clientYes***


** If you have an official letter of appointment from the client, you get access to their accounts and the final system configuration
*** The Partner-Integrator can be a third party to the contract
We are always open to dialogue and try to find mutually beneficial terms of cooperation aimed at long-term relations. Therefore, do not hesitate to write us your questions or call us. We are sure that we will be able to find a solution.


Use the form or application to contact us with any questions

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